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The shop will still be open, as well our ebay store.  Should you wish to place any orders, you will need to phone or email us during this period.

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My Scooter is not running correctly.

More and more each day we are spending a good deal of time on the phone with people who are reporting running issues with their Lambretta (or Vespa).

In most cases when we quiz and probe, a comon theme is not using your Lambretta often enough to keep the fuel fresh and new. With more and more ethonal being addded to modern fuels this is causing us two strokers more issues.

IF you are experiencing poor starting, poor running and over heating issues, and you fuel is one to two months older, considering flushing your fuel system and putting fresh fuel in. If it is even older then this, chances are you need to clean your carb out as well.

Adding a good quality fuel treatment is at present becoming a necassity for us, especially as we dont tend to use our pride and joys every day. The more casual rider popping down to the club meeting once a week or month, may not cover many miles and thus fill up a lot less. Adding this fuel treatment will help no end to prolonging the life of your fuel, engine as well as you suffering less running problems.

If you want a more indepth look into the issues of modern fuel, read on..........

Three major facts on why Ethonal affects us:-

1) Ethonal attracts water : This has many issues for us, because ethonal is a hydroscopic, it will absorb water into our petrol tanks, carbs etc. Thus the older your fuel the more of an issue this is. Back firing, running high, poor starting, over heating can be cauased, and when we look further afield, rusting of the petrol tank internally will not be helped with the presance of water.

2) Ethonal has a different octane rating : This can give a few differing issues, but if you have a higher compression head, your timing is too advanced, or you run higher tuned engines it will affect you more. If your engine is set up to compensate for these issues, and the fuel does go off and your octane rating drops, then again the same running issues we have mentioned before can occur. On the other side of the coin, if your engine has not been built with the higher octane ratings in consideration, you might find over heating (usually shown by blowing a hole in the piston, blowing a gasket, things coming looes throug extra heat expansion, can affect you and your scooter.

3) Ethonal is a solvent: Being a solvent can have many affects. We need oil in our two stroke enggines for lubrication, oils protects our moving parts. Ethonal can flush and wash this out, while most modern oil manufactures have compensated for this, some older or lower quality oils offer less resistance. Oil seals, gaskets, seals, and rubber can all be affected by ethonal. Again most modern materials have been manufactured with this in mind, but some parts can be affected.

As Ethanol is a solvent, it can breakdown sludge and deposits in the fuel system, releasing them to flow throughout the engine, but a bigger effect is inside the carburettor. Our carbs have very small holes in jets that become clogged and harm engine performance.

What We Do

We are open Tuesday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturdays 9am to 2pm. We aim to cater for all you Lambretta needs, "from a rivet to a restoration". As well as mail order, we welcome visitors, please use our map to help you locate us, plus can also offer UK and worldwide delivery on all our services including scooters. Our advise is free and above all impartial, should you need any help, advice or have any questions, please feel free to contact us
TuningThe world of Lambretta tuning has moved on from simple cubic conversion, and some port changes, using modern technology and manufacturing process we have helped to develop new exciting performance products. From Italy comes the Imola, Monza and Mugello range of alloy cylinder kits as well as the ground breaking Varitronic kits. We also carry items from Dell'Orto carbs, including a new range of power jet models, JL performance expansion exhaust and much more. For modern speed, whilst still retaining total reliability we have a product to suit your scooter, what ever your needs. We have a guide of suggested set ups, which can be seen by clicking here
RestorationsRight from when we first opened our doors in 1995, we have been producing show winning restored scooters, basing our restorations on quality and perfection. Our passion and expertise is restoring scooters to their former glory, just as they left the factory. Of course if you prefer to modernise your scooter with differing paint schemes, modern performance, or accessories we can oblige. While we will be the first to admit our restorations are not cheap, if your aim is quality and perfection, then check our restoration pages for more information.
Parts & Accessories
PartsCambridge Lambretta was the first shop in the UK for offer full online shopping, opening the world to mail order Lambretta parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the comfort of your own home you can quickly and easily choose the parts you need for your Lambretta and have them delivered to your door step ready to restore, repair, tune or customise your Lambretta. We also accept telephone and fax orders as well as personal callers, all of whom can choose from over 2000 lines of parts we have carefully chosen to stock based on our experience. Why not visit our on-line shop to see parts from Imola Racing, Casa Lambretta, Cuppini, and many other quality parts suppliers. Remember we only stock what we have tried and tested and know to work, well tell you what you are buying and what we think of it, as well as standing by what we sell we guarantee all parts we sell
Selling your scooter?

Looking to sell your Lambretta Click here to see if we can help.

Mailing List
Rather then clutter your emails, we prefer to use social media to keep you informed of new scooters, new parts, and special offers, and updates of the workshop.

NOVA, Registration and more
How to register an import in 5 easy steps:-

Declare NOVA
Get V55/5 form from and fill it in.
Frame and engine rubbing, on masking tape, and then send it to either

MOT and insire the scooter on the frame number
Send all your details to the DVLA

For more details, visit our help page here :- Registration
Customers Scooters
We have been asking our customers from around the world to send us a photo for our Customers scooters page, so if you own a Lambretta from different corners of our world, we would love you to send us the details
Pricing Performance
We are always asked to price up performance engines, with so many choices its hard to do, so now we have a complete page dedicated to helping you choose what it is YOU want, and what you can expect from it.

Super Monza

We have a dedicated page set up for the exciting Super Monza kit, Click Here for information and details

The first batch of Super Monzas have been delivered to our customers, beginning in November last year. Supplies of the crank, exhaust modified carbs etc have all followed on and it seems we have some banter and excitement between a few of us to see who is on the road first!

To view the products on our online shop,
click here for details

We have a mini guide on the history of the Innocenti factory, as well as the scooters and three wheeled vehicles it produced. Don't forget to visit our fun page as well, for downloads and interesting items. Take time to look around our site, sign our guestbook, and most of all enjoy your visit.


"From a rivet to a restoration"

Renowned perfect Lambretta restorations, fast worldwide Lambretta parts service, Lambretta scooters, Lambretta sales, Lambretta tuning, Lambretta servicing, Lambretta repairs, Lambretta engine rebuilds, Lambretta accessories, Lambretta books, Lambretta manuals, Lambretta models, Lambretta transfers, Lambretta clothing, Lambretta badges, full Lambretta body work facilities, Lambretta insurance repairs, Lambretta insurance valuations, water slides, chroming, powder coating, polishing, plating, tyres, machines for sale. Imola and Monza high performance kits and goodies all posted fast any where in the world, free advice, friendly service, are just some of the things we can offer you and your scooter!

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What Timing?
Box pipe 17
Expansion 14 to 15

Variable timing
box pipe 21
expansion 19

What Fuel?
Super Unleaded is best but you can run std unleaded

What Fuel Mix?
Mineral Oil 4%
Synthetic 3%
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Please be aware when phoning for technical help and advice, our mechanics are fixing customers scooters and time must be devoted to this. Sorry if this sounds rude, but the level of phone calls we receive is astronomical.
We are of course happy to help as much as we can, so we respectively ask customers to call us AFTER 3PM should you need help with products purchased from us.
Don't forget we have written many help articles, which often answer all those questions we get asked. The technical help pages can be found by clicking here, it will save you and us time to help yourself.

We receive so many calls daily about carburettor jetting, it is unreal. We must stress we cannot jet your engine for you over the phone, so please do not call. Cambridge Lambretta have always suggested owners should have their engine timing, and carburettor jetting set up professionally. Should you want to have a go yourself, please read our guides online

Base jetting details for most set ups.

How to fit and adjust the jetting on your carburettor.

Thank you for your understanding